Myths of a Stylist

“Stylists are for the wealthy.” “Stylists throw away all your clothes”. “Stylists make you dress like them”.  With over 10 years in the stylist game, I have learnt a lot.

I have learnt a lot about business and the struggle to juggle all. the. things. I have learnt a lot about the industry and what sparks people to work with someone like myself and the myths about ‘working with a stylist’ so lets debunk some of those myths to help you understand what I really am, what I do and wether woking with me is right for you.

Stylists are for the rich 

While there are stylists out there who work with a particular niche market (and charge accordingly), I can proudly say my audience is where I am personally placed. I’m an average, everyday working Mum with the same demands as most. 

In fact, it was my first Mothers Day when I had the experience of working with a stylist. We were a single income family, I had an 8 month old baby and was feeling a little lost. The experience of working with a stylist not only gave me a boost, it gave me direction on how to shop smarter and inspired me to do what I do today. 

You need money to look good

Ha! I love debunking this one as I am my own case and point here knowing what makes me feel good and dress with confidence with all but a few coins rattling around in my purse. 

Simplifying style means I strip out the white noise, curb the confusion and give you the tools to understanding your personal style – wether its Glassons to Gorman, Kmart to Cos, great style is achievable for everyone. 

Stylists make you throw everything away

This one makes my eyes water. More often than not, most wardrobes contain some real treasures and give me a great indication as to the type of person I am working with.

Did you know, stylists learn a lot about your hidden style from your wardrobe?

My job as a stylist is to help eliminate the confusion rather than the clothing, and show you how to up style what you already have, identify capsule wardrobe gaps and how to shop moving forward.

Stylists make you dress like them

It’s my job as a stylist to ensure you DON’T dress like me or anyone else for that matter. It’s not a matter of trend or what’s in fashion either. 

As a certified  Image Consultant, I trained from colour to cut to shape to style to wardrobe planning and the science behind personal image.

I go beyond blogging or throw around feel good speak. It’s my duty to fulfil your investment and give you professional and personalised advice in discovering YOUR style, not mine. 

I need to have a lot of spending money to shop with a Stylist.

My first client EVER, had a $2000 budget. The client after her, had squirrelled away her birthday money and we shopped successfully with $200. One was a professional. One was a full-time Mum. Both ladies got exactly what they needed. I have worked with politicians to pastors, Mums to management, students to senior citizens, size 6 to size 26. I value each of my clients the same and with that ensure they get consistent professional advice and a wardrobe that will serve them at any budget. See point #2.

I love debunking myths and answering curly style questions  – have you got a question you would like answered? I would love to hear it. 

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